Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Slap in the Face

Well, it's over. Even before I could fantasize too much about the possibilities...

Ever since we've been trying, I've always felt like good old AF's visit is like a slap in the face, times two. First, the big hit - Ha ha ha, you're not pregnant...again! Then, the cramps and pain start, and you're miserable for the next couple of days, or however long it lasts.

I once told this to DH, explaining the double whammy, but he just looked at me confused.

It just feels like a big taunt...once again, you failed, and let's throw in some pain and suffering as well.

The only "good" thing is that now we can finally begin our blood tests and ultrasounds. Yay!...I think...


Anonymous said...

Oh I hear you! I always thought that when you're trying to conceive, your period should at least have the grace to have symptoms such as great orgasms, or a chocolaty flavor in your mouth, not cramps and pain and such.

Good luck with the testing! (I found you through the Lost and Found at Stirrup Queens)

Sassy said...

Hang in there. I hope your body goes easy on you this cycle and good luck with your tests.

- Sassy
(another Stay At Home Wife)