Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We are FINALLY going in for our follow-up with the fertility clinic tomorrow. I'm saying finally, because the initial appointment was three months ago! The stupid hysterosonogram (btw...I managed to get a UTI out of it too!! I'm just lucky like that, you know, in that lucky 1% who get after-effects that aren't even described on the explanation sheet) kept getting delayed, which is what pushed the follow-up back.

Anyway, I should have posted sooner to seek out your advice, all you wise ladies who are further in the journey than we are, but I was too busy running to the bathroom and cramping up to do so.

Any advice on what to expect? What questions I should ask? What you wish you'd done at this point? I don't want to just nod my head and say "yes, ma'am" and walk out with a prescription for Clomid and orders to return next year if we don't get pregnant by then. I'm afraid if I slip up and say "yes, ma'am" that's what will happen, because Canadians don't seem to like being called "ma'am."

Thanks in advance ladies!


Lost in Space said...

I would ask if there is anymore testing that would be beneficial at this point.

If you are ovulating normally and they want to put you on Clomid, I would ask what exactly they expect from it and fully understand how it works.

I would ask why Clomid over Femara or injectables. Clomid tends to have worse side effects than Femara and can also make your cervical mucus hostile and your lining thin. It does work for many, but I like to know why docs make their decisions.

How many Clomid/Femara cycles would your doc recommend before moving onto injectables and/or IUI?

I would also ask how the clinic works - when they do call backs, who to ask questions, etc.

Hopefully others can help you with more questions. Good luck!!

DC said...

I agree with lost about the Clomid (and everything else; she gave you great advice!). I think a lot of doctors tend to use Clomid as a "fix all," when it really doesn't help matters unless there is actual evidence of anovulation.

Good luck!!

Still Standing Strong in A Bloom of Hope. said...

Ok, I don't really have any advice cuz i'm still at the beginning of my journey.... in that sense, i've just found out that i have endometriosis, fibroids, cysts and polyps..I think these girls have helped better.

But I agree, just keep asking questions. I always ask..and I waited for 3 freakin' months before my first appointment with my RE! grrrr!!!!!!

Cece said...

I did the yes doctor thing. In the US, you need to go through certain steps before you can do anything (assuming they have tested for everything - and looks like they have for you already). I'm guessing clomid will be first, then clomid with IUI, then injectables with IUI, and then onto IVF. I hope all you need is the clomid!

SAHW said...

Thanks ladies! That was very helpful. Sometimes I can't think straight when I'm nervous. I'm about to head out now. Hopefully all goes well...will update in the afternoon! :)

shawna said...

I don't have any advice because I had to go straight to IVF, but I wanted you to know that I am thinking about you.

alicia said...

I would go in with the plan you want and stick to it! It is sooo hard to be firm with doctors sometimes, but its your body! do whats right for you.

sara said...

Just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your appointment. I would probably ask about any further testing. I just saw lost in space's response and she did an awesome job telling you what to ask, so I don't have much to add. Looks like you got some good advice! So I'll just keep you in my thoughts for a great appointment. Let us know how it goes :-)

Jill said...

No advice from me, but good luck! You'll be in my thoughts

PJ said...

Lost in Space always has good comments, and here she has good advice.

DEFINITELY, the how many cycles of clomid, etc. before moving on would be a smart thing to know.

They tried clomid with me, but I didn't respond much. I ovulate, so giving me clomid was just to get me to produce more than the usual one follicle (egg). Not really many side effects, except the 1st round made me a bit dizzy. I had much better luck with the injectable Menopur. But, it's way more expensive. I think they try clomid because it's cheap and easy.

We (he) put off the SA, and I wish we'd have done that earlier. But you're good there.

Good luck!

Mandy said...

You have had a lot of good advice. Make sure you write your questions down before you go, if your anything like me, once I got there I went blank out of nerves. Don't be afraid to ask to many questions, you are already paying for the appointment, so you own that time! Good luck, I will be thinking about you!!

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