Monday, May 5, 2008


I was just thinking how no one other than a woman TTC-ing would have any idea what EWCM is or how happy it can make us when it comes.

I remember early last year, when I was reading about temping and charting in preparation for TTC-ing, trying hard to understand what in the world EWCM even was. I mean, who categorizes the types of cervical fluid they have?? Let alone actually look at it and touch it and stretch it between two fingers in order to determine exactly what type it is each day??

Well, those were my newbie days...and now I'm a seasoned veteran. I remember the first time when my CM stretched between my happy I was to know that I indeed have EWCM. Since then I've come to learn that in fact, I have about 7 days of EWCM each cycle, which is pretty good, but even such a nice, stretchy, sperm-friendly environment hasn't been quite enough to get us pregnant.

Still, I can't help but get excited each month at the first day of EWCM. :)