Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm Not Always Depressed

Really, I'm not.

I just realized this black blog and all these depressing posts make me sound like a sad and depressed person...which I'm really not. Well I wasn't. Okay, I'm not, really. :) It's just that TTC-ing and the roller coaster of emotions makes it seem like I'm in a constant state of PMS. There are so many ups and downs, and the ups and downs are so very extreme sometimes. And the blog is black because, well, I thought it looked nice. :)

Sometimes it's hard to remember that I'm the same girl whose motto was "Every day is a good day"...the same girl voted "Cutest" senior year, known for never getting mad or upset or being unkind. Everyone used to ask me, "Don't you ever get mad about anything?", and I'd always think, hmm, I guess I don't. I knew that I was lucky though. :)

I still believe in my theory of every day being a good day, it's just a little harder to find the good some days, but I do believe it's still there, always. Without that, it would be hard to get through some days...

And black doesn't have to equal sadness or depression, does it? :)


Dreams Come True said...

No, black doesn't have to mean sadness or depression. And it does look very nice!

Hang in there. As you said, TTC is a roller coaster, and not so much one that you might enjoy.

Hugs to you.

dayzofrain said...

No... black is a good color-- its the combination of all colors right?

Anyway, I change my layout quite often... lookin for something that kind of reflects where I am... which is why there are headlights in my latest.

Thanks for the comments.. they are appreciated