Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Feeling Better

Just got back from the clinic...ladies, thank you SO much for your help and advice! I was pleased with how today's appointment went, much better than last time in which I was told that nothing was wrong and I should just keep having sex. Since I'm sure that none of us TTC-ing have thought of that yet, right? :)

What a difference it makes to have all your questions/concerns clearly written out...which I could do, thanks to everyone's suggestions to me.

Basically, the plan is to move up to 100mg Clomid for my third and final month of Clomid. The doctor said that may help stimulate more than one follicle, since it seems like only one was stimulated this time. She said that the hot flashes and mood swings will definitely intensify, but DH and I agreed we'd be willing to risk that (poor him...he bears the brunt of both!).

She answered all my questions, and we have a pretty clear plan to move on to IUI with injectables if we haven't gotten pregnant on our own by that time.

I asked her about a post-coital test, since some of you suggested that, and she said none of the doctors in Canada do that anymore, because basically there is no point - our next step is IUI anyway, so even if my cervical environment is not friendly, it doesn't matter.

That said, I did ask her for alternatives to pre-seed for the next two months while I'm still on Clomid, since that stuff is not very economical at all! And she suggested...raw egg whites. Um, ya...sounds kinda gross. I have read about this before, but I didn't think people actually did it. Have any of you tried this before?? Or do you have any other ideas for pre-seed alternatives?

I'm feeling more optimistic than before...I had been feeling really down in the dumps since AF came this time, doom and gloom, what if it never happens...you know the routine. Having a clear plan definitely helps. And there's always a certain excitement about TTC-ing as O time approaches...;)


tragicoptimist said...

Hooray for clear plans and having your questions answered and a bit of optimism. As for the preseed alternative, I've heard that just drinking a whole lot of water can help. I've heard of the egg whites, but I wouldn't be able to do it. Oh, who am I kidding, I would if I was told that was my only option, but otherwise, I'd try to find something else.

My Infertility Diaries said...

Happy to hear that your visit was sooo much better than last time. I am not so sure about the egg whites...just seems wrong. But just like tragicoptimist said I would probably do it too if it was my only option :D

Just Me. said...

Yay for having a clear plan. I remember after the operation, I was so lost and distraught. Though I was in so much pain, I wanted to get this baby project in full swing! I had meant to comment on your last post. Sorry, babes was rushing me to go out! I was given the choice of Clomid for 6months and then IVF thereafter or IVF immediately after my operation. I was tired of the grinding kits so I chose Clomid. BUT I told our RE that I didn't want to be on the Clomid for 6months (I don't think babes could take it either!) and said I'd rather have it for 2months and then IVF on the 3rd month. He just simply said OK, IT'S YOUR DECISION N YOUR MONEY. And I thought, Damn right it is. :) I am paying for a service and really, they are in the business of making money out of us. Thus, as a paying customer, it is my final decision as to what I want.

Sorry for rambling. Just that I was sort of "cheated" by my first RE that I have learnt to push things cuz I was getting tired of being mucked around.

Anyway, whatever it is, it's a personal decision and I am so so glad that you have a plan now. I am here for you, cheerleading you to a BFP and huge hugs coming your way!!!!

shawna said...

I don't have any advice, but I am glad that you have a plan. I will be praying that your get your BFP sooner rather than later.

InfertileMadWoman said...

Glad you got some answers sweetie!!!

I love Trying!!!

Good Luck!!!!


Lost in Space said...

I think your plan sounds great and am so glad you got your questions answered. I've heard about egg whites too, but the thought of it freaks me out. (:

I'm glad you're feeling more optimistic too. I'm the same way with feeling better when we have a plan.

Jill said...

egg whites freak me out, too. half the time I just don't use anything.... Sorry I can't help more! I hope this next round works for you!

Jill said...

egg whites freak me out, too. half the time I just don't use anything.... Sorry I can't help more! I hope this next round works for you!

Sarah said...

Hi there, I just stumbled upon your blog via other infertility blogs...I'm glad I did!

As for the preseed alternative, I read something the other day that a Doctor wrote saying olive oil was good. I personally get freaked out by using food like substances on or near my girly bits. But thats me. Research it first if you decide to give it a whirl. As I didnt. I dont want it to harm you. I'm just sharing what I read.

Pardon me while, I go add you to my blog list and continue reading!


hopeful #1 said...

I'm hoping that we both have good news coming our way this month!!! That would just rock my world and be great for both of us! Seriously, God, if it's in the cards can we work something out?!?!?

Love ya, thanks for all of your support! I really do appreciate it!

I Believe in Miracles said...

I'm so glad to hear this amazing optimism coming through this post!! It does sound like your dr visit went SO much better. I don't think I'd heard of 'preseed' prior to your post, so I have no advice about egg whites (or someone also mentioned olive oil).

Isn't it nice to have a plan? I love plans. They make this IF journey seem bearable.

RM said...

Yay! Good news and renewed optimism. Love it!!

I have heard vegetable oil works. But Google that to double check me before you try it!!

Stephanie said...

Wait. You mean to tell me that all this time I've been stumbling about through the nightmare of infertility treatment I could have just been having plain old sex the whole time. Huh! Never thought of that! Who knew...;)

I'm so glad it went better than that this time.

surpriseofunfolding said...

Your blog looks great - green is a hopeful colour in my book :)

Congrats on having a plan - it takes at least a bit of the maddening uncertainty out of the picture.

I think I mentioned before, our doc did things a bit differently (our issues were different too, of course). He didn't like Clomid so we did tamoxifen/IUI for 3 cycles, then letrozole/IUI. They stimulate ovulation/egg quality but don't impair the lining of the uterus. Those options worked better for us than injectables at the time. However, in our consult a couple of years later we were anxious to get going and so injectables were recommended as a faster way to get where we wanted to go.

I don't have any experience with preseeding ... but I would pick olive oil over egg whites personally!