Friday, July 11, 2008

Pretty Words

Got this idea from Kym's blog...pretty cool, isn't it?
[Yes, somehow I have recovered from the crazy mood swing that occurred just 20 minutes ago.]


Katie said...

Hey-- just saw your blog title on someone's blog and had to check it out. I am a stay at home wife too, although I am going to school this Fall after 1.5 years at home. Feels like everyone is just waiting for you to get pregnant, huh?

Also, I went to school in the south and go to Canada (2 hours north of Toronto) every summer, so I sort of understand your geography!

Kymberli said...

I love yours!

Dee said...

Hi. Hmm, nice work instead. I'll try to do something similar.

Just Me. said...

Love it!


RM said...

Hey you! Sorry the clo.mid is making you crazy. I felt like my symptoms went away about two days after I took my last pill, but I think I didn't react too poorly to it overall. Hope you equalize soon.

I can however relate to dishing out some harsh husband abuse!! I am lucky K hasn't left me on the roadside these last few weeks!


Lost in Space said...

Very cool!

I hope the side effects wind down soon. Artificial hormones suck.

Kristen said...

Very, very pretty words :)

I understand the mood swings. When I was on Clomid I didn't have a single one the first two cycles, but when mine finally came, they came hard and strong. I was insane! Haha. It does subside though. Promise!